Voting is tricky—how are you supposed to know who to vote for? The College Republican National Committee is tapping into this anxiety with an insulting new "parody" campaign ad that imagines the different candidates as dresses (?) for women to wear.

"I love the Rick Scott!" says one woman in the video, who is trying on a dress. The dress is called the Rick Scott, like the Governor of Florida named Rick Scott. He's the dress. The other dress is named after another guy, and isn't as good, so you shouldn't "wear" that candidate. Say "no" to the other Political-Dress-Man Hybrid.

If this seems like an impossible stupid way to convince anyone to do anything, let's walk through the metaphor. Everyone loves TLC's hit shows—if everyone loves these shows, and the shows are the same as the GOP, then everyone will love the GOP? The two organizations even have the same number of letters, and rhyme, so you can see how some strategist somewhere thought the video would work.

via Jim Newell