Parisians lined up at dawn to buy Charlie Hebdo's new dick-covered issue, which reportedly sold out at most locations in just minutes. To deal with the overwhelming demand, the magazine's publisher announced that an additional two million copies would be printed.

Lines for the magazine reportedly stretched for blocks before newsstands opened this morning:

"I've never seen that many people queue for a newsagents to open," French journalist Agnès Poirier told the BBC. "I couldn't get a copy myself because there were too many people, but in a show of generosity the people who got their copies shared with everybody else."

By early afternoon in France, theL.A. Times reports, 27,000 stores across the country had sold out of the magazine.

"I've never seen anything like it," one newsstand owner told the Guardian. "All my 450 copies were sold out in 15 minutes."

[Image via AP]