Authorities in Texas have launched an investigation into the origin of a brand new super-potent form of meth found in the hands of local middle schoolers.

The Galveston County Sheriff Department became aware of the new drug after six girls from the Blocker Middle School in Texas City reportedly started "freaking out" after ingesting a stamp containing an unknown amount of liquid meth.

According to Galveston County Sheriff Henry Trochesset, this drug's potency is unlike anything seen before.

He told KHOU it was "so potent that the meth can be absorbed through the skin if the stamp is touched."

It remain unclear where the meth came from, but Trochesset believes it was manufactured "outside the county."

Meanwhile, the eighth graders who consumed the drug were taken to the hospital for treatment and then released to their parents.

They were later suspended from school and may be sent to an alternative school for juvenile delinquents.

"They’re not all bad girls," said parent Danielle Allgood. "I mean one of them I’ve known for quite some time. I mean I would have never expected it."

[screengrab via KHOU]