A Colorado family says it is being hounded by neighbors to remove a handicap ramp outside their Fountain home because of concerns that it could negatively impact property value.

Speaking with local CBS affiliate KKTV, Vincent and Heidi Giesegh explained that the ramp was installed for their 16-year-old daughter who suffers from Cerebral Palsy.

"As she goes into her spastic modes, we could just tumble down the stairs and both of us could get massively hurt," Heidi Giesegh told the station.

But the couple living next door is only concerned with the possibility that the ramp might hurt the value of their home, according to Heidi.

Without an HOA to settle the dispute, the Gieseghs say their neighbors are threatening to take them to court over the matter.

The neighbors have also complained to the contractor who is still in the process of constructing the new community.

"It’s kind of irritating," said Vincent Giesegh, who insists the City of Fountain approved the ramp's installation. "I mean, we’re trying to do our best to assist our daughter with her daily needs to get in and out of the house."

[photos via Facebook, KKTV]