After a New Jersey family says they were driven from their $1.3 million dream home by a demonic tormenter (or prankster) called “The Watcher,” we were surprised by how little anyone knew about the creepy culprit. After visiting the sleepy (haunted?) neighborhood, we know a little more.

According to a Broaddus family neighbor who claimed to have known the Woods family (who previously owned the house at 657 Boulevard and were recently named in a lawsuit by the current owners) the threatening Watcher letters were sent not from within Westfield, NJ but Newark. The neighbor, who said he was familiar with the Watcher’s notes through firsthand experiences with the Broaddus family and police interviews, added that they were sent via USPS and appeared to have been printed through a computer, as opposed to scarily handwritten.

“In my opinion the police did nothing,” he told me, echoing the sentiment of other neighbors (and Gawker commenters). “The police didn’t seem concerned.” Nearly a year later, the case remains open, and the identity of The Watcher entirely unresolved.

Know anything about The Watcher? Literally, anything, even crazy speculation? Send me an email.

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