High school students in Nebraska are finally free to take the yearbook photos they dreamed of, but dared not ask for—namely "tasteful" photographs of them posing with firearms.

The Broken Bow school district in rural Nebraska unanimously voted to allow the teens to take gun glamour shots after receiving complaints from parents.

The school district superintendent told the Omaha World-Herald that the board wanted the teens to be able to express themselves by showcasing their hobbies in the yearbook. The gun pics are okay as long as they are tastefully done, say administrators at the Broken Bow High School, home of the fightin' Indians.

The display must be "tasteful and appropriate." For example, the policy says, a student "should not submit a photograph of game shot by the student if the animal is in obvious distress."

The district did acknowledge, however, that maybe giving kids a green light to take guns to school isn't the best idea—administrators say the photos have to be taken off-site.

[image via Shutterstock]