After hitting on teenage girls and posting his nude paintings of Seth Rogen, James Franco's Instagram—1,914,822 followers served!—took the logical next step early this morning: A damn-near-nude photo of Franco himself.

It's down now, because of Instagram's content policies or Franco's sense of mystery.

Either way, the actor/poet/MFA/prospective Ph.D. is probably just performing his public persona again, in what he once described as an addictive call-and-response game. But what's Franco's endgame? Is there a terrible Joaquin Phoenix-style fake documentary in our future, or a terrible Shia LeBeouf public exhibition? Alternatively, it could be a terrible something else.

Anyway, enjoy this photo where you can almost see the base of actor/director/artist/super-polymath James Franco's penis.

[Photo: James Franco/Instagram]