Diane Stretton, the "monster nanny" who has become a family's worst nightmare by refusing to move out of their house after being fired a month ago, has finally agreed to vacate the premises by July 6. That is, as long as the Bracamonte family meets her list of demands.

The live-in nanny's handwritten "agreement" requires the Bracamontes to leave their Upland, California, home between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., whether Stretton is in the house or not. It also asks them to give her money for food and access to amenities including TV, air conditioning, and Wi-Fi.

Here's her full list of six conditions, as published by the Daily Mail:

"Agreement: I will voluntarily agree to leave by 6pm on 7/6/14 if each and all of the following conditions are met:

1. My WiFi and TV and house air conditioning and water must be continuously on until I vacate. Electricity in my room must be operational.

2. Bathrooms must be stocked up with TP (toilet paper) and hand soap at all times.

3. Marcella and kids must vacate the premises between the hours of 8am and 5pm until 7/6/14 whether I elect to leave during the day or not.

4. Between the hours of 5pm and 8am, I have full access to my room, the garage bathroom and the areas of the house between the front door and my bedroom. I will not linger in these areas.

5. I'm either given access to healthy food or given $200 to eat out. Said access to food shall be limited to hours between 8am and 5pm."

6. Neither the front door nor my bedroom shall be locked in a manner than prevents me from entering. This means the chain must be off and the locks cannot be changed.

In exchanged [sic] for the above, I will agree not to seek any of my legal remedies for your past violations of our agreement."

It's not known whether the Bracamontes have actually agreed to her terms.

The family has considered evicting Stretton, 64, who does not pay rent, but they're worried they could face a fine of $1,000 for interfering with a tenant. Police have told them it's a civil matter, which is bad news for the family, as Stretton has a history of lawsuits so long that the state of California considers her a "vexatious litigant."

The Bracamontes are leaving for a family wedding in Mexico this week, and are worried Stretton will lock them out, so they've asked family members to keep an eye on the house.

In an interview with KTLA Tuesday, Stretton called Marcella Bracamonte a "drama queen," and claimed the family cut off her cable, AC, and Internet access after they fired her, and then tried to feed her dog food.

Stretton has been out of the home for the past few days, and was found living in her car outside a police station Friday.

[H/T Opposing Views, Photo: KCBS LA]