A middle-aged woman found naked outside her apartment with her head stuck in a staircase handrail told police she was having sex with her boyfriend in public in order to "spice things up."

Authorities were alerted to the situation by a concerned neighbor who determined that the woman was unable to free herself.

When emergency workers arrived at the apartment complex in the western Russia city of Lipetsk last Wednesday night, they were shocked to discover the birthday-suited 46-year-old on all fours, with her head wedged firmly between two bars on the building's stairway railing.

Her boyfriend was nowhere to be found.

"In all my time working as a rescuer, I don't recall any incident like this one," emergency services rep Alexey Dotsenko is quoted as saying.

Police noted that alcohol may have played a role in the outcome.

[H/T: BroBible, photo via Shutterstock]