Kenneth Crowder, 41, was arrested by police in Melbourne, Fla. last week after his flakka high led him on a misbegotten, naked journey through a residential neighborhood, a reported brawl with a police officer, and an alleged "sexual act on a tree."

According to Florida Today, Melbourne police found Crowder last Friday while responding to a reported burglary. When approached by an officer, Crowder reportedly claimed he was God before getting into a tussle. From WKMG:

The officer used a Taser on Crowder, but he pulled the probes out of his body and continued to fight, police said. Crowder was shocked a second time, but he again pulled out the probes and went at the officer with clenched fists, according to police.

The officer punched Crowder in the face and a scrum ensued, with Crowder saying that he was Thor and trying to stab the officer with the officer's badge, police said.

"The officer is doing fine. The suspect tried to stab (the officer) with his own badge. He somehow pulled it off of his uniform," Melbourne police spokesman Dan Lynch told Florida Today.

The streets of Brevard County, Fla. are apparently being flooded with flakka, with Lynch also telling WKMG, "We have spoken to some medical professionals here and they are starting to see an increase in its use. It's already in South Florida, and we think it's coming here."

Crowder was charged by police with battery on a law enforcement officer, assault, aggravated assault, and resisting with violence.

[Image via Brevard County Police]