Kings of Leon rocked the LG Arena in Birmingham, England, on Tuesday night, but few in the crowd seemed to notice: They were too busy going nuts for the crowd surfer who stripped naked during "Sex on Fire" and proceeded to flash his "fuzzy furry balls."

Following the show, drummer Nathan Followill paid his respects to the showstopper by tweeting his thanks to Birmingham for showing the band "a side of you that we've never seen before."

Followill later invited the man, identified as Jimmy Dorris, to party with the Kings backstage before their next show.

"Hey Birmingham sausage man, if you're on twitter, DM me," he tweeted. "We owe you a beer tomorrow night."

Jimmy, a father-of-one, took Followill up on the offer and joined the band in their dressing room for a drink and a laugh.

Saying what everyone was thinking, Jimmy later tweeted, "Cannot believe taking my clothes off resulted in this!"

Below is a video of the Birmingham Sausage Man doing his Birmingham Sausage Man thing. [Note: This video is LOUD.]

[There was a video here]

[H/T: Uproxx, The Blemish, photos via Twitter, video via YouTube]