For decades, we've had nothing to fear but fear itself—and el chupacabra, the mythical beast that sucks the blood out of goats and humans alike. Well, now we can go back to just fearing fear, because the chupacabra has reportedly been euthanized.

Jackie Stock, of Ratliff, Texas, made national news when she captured the creature Sunday night, leading to speculation about what type of animal it actually was.

Stock started receiving messages from PETA and other animal activists, complaining that the animal was caged and not receiving medical treatment.

She was told a real chupacabra would have sucked the blood from the nearby goats before it was caught, and the creature was likely a raccoon with mange in significant pain.

She took the animal, which she had been affectionately calling "Chupie," to a shelter, where it was peacefully put to sleep, TMZ reports. Stock said it hadn't been tested to identify its species.

Goodnight, sweet waking nightmare and/or mangy raccoon. May flights of winged goats bleat thee to thy rest.

[Photo Credit: ABC 7]