Stuart Horner, the convicted murderer who protested conditions at Manchester, England’s Strangeways prison by climbing onto its roof and remaining there for more than 60 hours, has finally come down. He said he’d agreed to end the standoff in exchange for pizza and pop.

“I’ve proved my point,” he shouted, before descending from the roof in a cherry picker around 3 a..m Wednesday morning, “I’ve got a 12 inch pizza and a can of Coke.”

“I’ve done what I wanted. I’ve had a mad one,” he said, according to the Manchester Evening News, whose rotating team of reporters had covered the standoff round-the-clock for three days.

It’s a peaceful and perfectly satisfying conclusion to what could have been a riot—the last rooftop protest at Strangeways, in 1990, ended with police rushing prisoners. Two people were killed.

Horner’s protest was a different thing entirely, with his supporters throwing a party just outside prison grounds, complete with a DJ. At one point, Horner was seen dancing to the Thong Song.

Horner brought attention to the plight of his fellow prisoners, he might possibly get pizza and a Coke, and this time, no one died.

Except Stuart Horner’s uncle, whom he was convicted of murdering in 2012. Horner is currently serving out a 27-year sentence.

Go on, Stuart.

[Video: Sky News]