Last Thursday, 14-year-old April Millsap was killed while walking her dog along the Macomb Orchard Trail in a rural area north of Detroit. According to police, Millsap texted her boyfriend that night, "OMG. ... I think I'm being kidnapped."

Police have not released how they think Millsap was killed, only that they know she was not stabbed or shot. Her boyfriend and family members have been ruled out as suspects. According to the couple who found her, Millsap's dog, "Penny", was guarding her body on the trail.

WXYZ reports that police have gotten at least 500 tips about the incident so far. As of now, cops are looking for a male suspect with "sandy brown or reddish hair." They are also looking for any person who was riding a motorcycle on the trail on Thursday night.

Millsap graduated from middle school this past year and was set to start high school in the fall.

[Image via WXYZ]