A man whose real name and address were revealed on MTV's "True Life: I'm a Chubby Chaser" — a reality episode about men who prefer larger women — just lost a shot at a fat settlement from the network.

Tristan Watson participated in the show with his cousin, Nadin Watson, which aired last year. According to Watson, he had a handshake agreement with MTV that his identity would be withheld and he would be referred to only as "Tee".

But when the show aired, MTV not only broadcast his full name, but also showed his address and apartment number.

On the show, Watson says he used to date "skinny girls" but stopped.

"There was nothing but problems. Pretty girls have huge egos, they're boring in the bedroom, and I always gotta worry about other guys hitting on them. So I decided to jump on the other side and go out with the plus-size girls. I get so much more out of big girls than I get with skinny girls: they give me all their attention, there's never no trust issues, and most importantly, there's nothing more sexy to me than big breasts and a huge ass."

Watson said that after the show aired, death threats were slipped under his front door. In an affidavit, he also said that he lost his job and was afraid to leave his home after the show aired.

Unfortunately for Watson, the anonymity promises were not included in the contract. Even more unfortunately, the contract contained a multitude of releases, as well as an agreement "not to sue for any reason."

Watson's attorney said his client has no plans to appeal the ruling.

[image via MTV]