If you were watching MSNBC's Way Too Early yesterday morning, for some reason, you may have noticed that the network's news ticker appeared to have been hijacked by someone who, despite a prodigious vocabulary, was making absolutely no sense.

I am cognizant of the information about your extreme tendency to receive persona.

Only quite a fatuous individual would question the use of the mentally salubrious nature of sophisticated commentary, as demonstrated in this public.

Gentlemen I enjoy vocalizing sequipedalian loquatiousness, poor riddleschool wow.

Was it a prank? A puzzle? No, but still a little weird: The gibberish phrases came from a four-year-old thread called "make sentence with big words" on the online games site Kongregate, where posters tried to one-up each other in a contest of abstruse vocabulary.

It's not clear how those long-dead forum posts made their way onto live TV. Mediaite suggests they were being used as a kind of Lorem Ipsum—filler text used to show off typography or take up space in a design template.

MSNBC blamed the episode on a "templating error."

You had one job, poor Riddleschool. Wow.

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