Liberal cable network MSNBC has a way of offending conservatives in the least productive manner possible. Case in point: On Sunday Melissa Harris-Perry invited a roundtable of comedians to dissect a family photograph of failed GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney, who in the photo is holding on his right lap his newest baby grandson, Kieran Romney. Kieran, who is adopted, happens to be black. Which was enough for Harris-Perry’s guests to make fun of how the Romney family, much like the Republican Party, is mostly white. It’s not the dumbest thing MSNBC has ever aired (that would be Morning Joe), but still: It’s a baby.

Now Harris-Perry is apologizing on Twitter:

Harris-Perry is the latest MSNBC personality to do something very stupid, either on- or off-air, and publicly apologize for it. Just in November, Martin Bashir suggested that someone ought to defecate in Sarah Palin’s mouth and Alec Baldwin called a photographer stationed outside his Manhattan apartment a “cocksucking fag.” Both men parted ways with the network over their outbursts.

Who’s next? Rachel Maddow?