The self-styled pickup artists who went around motorboating women with the ostensible goal of raising money for breast cancer research had their $7,000 donation rejected by the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, and the bros are blaming the "haters."

In an email to Jason, Jesse, and Kong of Simple Pickup, the BCRF said it appreciated the gang's efforts, but "out of respect for the sensitivities of the community we serve we will be refunding your donation."

Not taking their rejection well at all for a group of men who supposedly hit on women for a living, Simple Pickup released a new video calling out the "small minority of haters" who found their motorboating fundraiser "'offensive.'"

The video goes on to point out that, thanks to the "haters" and their "personal problems," breast cancer research "literally just lost $7,000."

(Just one day before the boys got their rejection letter, the BCRF announced it was planning to hand out $45 million in research grants over the next year alone.)

Despite the setback, Simple Pickup vowed to soldier on and donate the money they raised to another charity of their viewers' choosing.

The top suggestion as of this morning? "Fund men's rights groups."

[H/T: Reddit]