A hardcore helicopter parent has raised the mothering bar to brave new heights after she was caught taking a high school exam while disguised as her daughter.

The 52-year-old Parisian woman was detained outside an exam hall after she attempted to take the Baccalauréat exam — a matriculation exam for French high school students — in order to help her 19-year-old daughter get a good score on the test's English portion.

The woman, identified by Le Parisien as Caroline D., entered the exam hall wearing Converse sneakers, low-rise jeans, and a significant amount of makeup.

She initially went unnoticed because the exam is often taken by people of all ages, but a proctor who had supervised an earlier test taken by the woman's daughter eventually noticed that the ID on her desk belonged to her offspring.

Police officers were called in, but school officials who did not wish to disturb the other test-takers allowed the woman to continue writing for two of the exam's three hours.

She was ultimately asked to step outside by the proctor, at which point she was taken into custody on suspicion of fraud.

If found guilty, the woman's daughter might be barred from taking the Baccalauréat for the next five years.

[photo via Shutterstock]