If you're going to burn a giant, 100-yard penis onto a football field at your high school, who are you going to ask to be your accomplice? Your cousin? The valedictorian of your class? A landscaping expert? No, asshole, your mom.

The Detroit Free Press reports that at Bedford High School in Temperance, Michigan, a mother and her 17-year-old daughter have been charged with malicious destruction of turf and soil after a giant penis was discovered on the field at the end of August, only two weeks before homecoming.

The unnamed mom and daughter deny any involvement in the case, saying that the mother didn't even step on the grass. But come on, guys, just own up. Making memories during mother-daughter bonding time—nothing wrong with that! In fact, it sounds kinda sweet.

That being said, after 2011's grassdick and another from early this year, maybe it's time to find a new thing to emblazon onto football fields with weed killer. Sound off in the comments with your suggestions.

[Image via Detroit Free Press]