A recent sale of celebrity memorabilia at Julien's Auctions included a piece of Prince William and Kate Middleton's wedding cake, an original Lone Ranger mask...and some very intimate files on Marilyn Monroe. No, not like that. Sorry.

Monroe's medical files sold for $25,600, so if you were ever hoping to own an X-ray of the innermost reaches of the bombshell's skull, you're out of luck for now. The files, which come from the last five years of her life, don't actually refer to the star by name. But they're definitely not fakes: one of several undercover aliases Monroe used for her doctor visits matches up with her final home address, and her psychoanalyst is mentioned by name.

Although the records don't show what one might typically think of as Monroe's most intimate parts, they do illuminate and confirm rumors about her life. In addition to lists of personal insecurities and referrals from the psychoanalyst's log, the lot includes records of an immune deficiency issue, an ectopic pregnancy, and—the moment you've all been waiting for—confirmation of plastic surgery. It's kind of gross, though: the record in question features "a note that a 1950 chin implant involving a tip rhinoplasty procedure was dissolving."

Maybe we'll just stick to appreciating her on the outside.

[image via Julien's Auctions]