This is perhaps not the most surprising news but, according to a new study, most Americans are unhappy at work.

A recent Gallup study found that 52 percent of American employees felt like they were “not engaged” at their job and were just going through the motions without any sort of energy or passion. Another 18 percent said they were “actively disengaged,” which means that, in addition to not giving a shit about their job, they are also acting “out their unhappiness by undermining what their engaged coworkers accomplish.”

Only 30 percent of workers surveyed said they were regularly engaged or inspired by their jobs.

And worker morale is something that cannot be bought, despite the best efforts of certain tech companies: the study found that expensive in-office perks for workers, like catered meals and ping pong tables, had little to no effect on employee's satisfaction with their jobs.

Of course, all of this complaining about life at work, while maybe understandable, pales in comparison to complaints of those without jobs at all.

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