In his chat with wizened television shaman Larry King Wednesday, professional sadster and glib racist Morrissey discussed his battle with depression and offered what King says “could be considered a controversial take on the act of suicide.” Hmm, yes: “It’s admirable” could be considered a controversial thing to say about suicide. Very astute observations all around, gentlemen.

Morrissey’s description of depression as a “black dog” that never goes away certainly resonates, and he rightly blows off King’s joke about “curing him.” But maybe “They think of disappearing and having enough, and many people do. Just taking control and saying no more. No more, no more of this silliness ... and it’s admirable” isn’t the most responsible thing for a man worshiped by a notoriously sad audience to broadcast.

Neither was “You can’t help but feel that the Chinese are a subspecies,” though, so probably just don’t take advice about the conduct of your life from Morrissey in general.

And, apropos of nothing and completely unrelated to the topic of Morrissey’s views on race, he feels President Obama is “white inside” and always sides with the police instead of “his own people.”

He’s a Hillary supporter, though, even though it seems like he and Trump could find some common ground on immigration.

Morrissey also addressed his recent alleged penis-groping by TSA agents in San Francisco, adding some new details to his original account: “He went straight for my private bits, then he put his finger down my rear cleavage.”

He said he’s filed an assault complaint, but doesn’t expect anything to come of it. The TSA claims its agents “followed standard operating procedures,” but has so far declined to release video of the incident, saying it’s part of an ongoing investigation. There may yet be justice for Morrissey’s rear cleavage.