Despite recent cries that empowering yourself to vote for your candidate of choice somehow makes you a Bad Feminist™ (assuming that person is anyone but Hillary Clinton), New Hampshire women evidently don’t give a shit. Because last night, Bernie Sanders won with women by 11 points.

In a vacuum, it would make perfect sense that Bernie won with women, considering he won the state handily with a 21-point lead. But a huge part of Hillary’s campaign depends on the idea that she is more or less a shoe-in when it comes to getting women’s votes. But evidently, that might not be quite as easy as she thought.

Still, there is one demographic Hillary seems to have on lockdown—the elderly.

Young people are vastly more supportive of Sanders than Clinton, much like they were for Obama back in 2008. Either way, it looks like Clinton’s female supporters’ shame tactics aren’t quite working like they’d hoped.

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