The huge, hemorrhaging Sony leak went down late last year, but even now we’re still discovering new tidbits. Since it’s now very easy and very safe to peruse the archives on your own, let’s see what we can can find together.

WikiLeaks has made looking for words, phrases, and people amid the email rubble almost as easy as searching your own inbox, and the internet has found a renewed interest in Sony, months later. Capitol New York found a nepotistic attempt at landing a BuzzFeed internship, and the Daily Dot unearthed talks about a “Doctor Who” movie. The Intercept found a peek at GOP fundraising. Gawker readers have been finding plenty of interesting stuff, too.

We’re taking this opportunity to enthusiastically dig through Sony’s cybertrash, and will keep updating this post as we revisit the source material. For now, here’s what we’ve got:

New York Times Hollywood reporter Brooks Barnes is a big sniveling kiss-ass

Email messages from Barnes to Amy Pascal in 2014 show the scribe acting way too familiar:

On Dec 18, 2013, at 3:55 PM, Barnes, Brooks wrote:

> supporter and advocate of yours — so glad to have heard it. and wonderful to bump into you. hoping you manage to squeeze in some true rest over the two holiday weeks. XX brooks

Thank you, but zero apologies necessary.All I saw today was an executive working her guts out, trying to be in two places at once, making the correct decision to keep her eye on the prize.Keep up the good fight, will work with your office to reset and XX

Love ya, Amy! These are our industry watchdogs.

Amy Pascal’s emails to herself are fucking crazy

But only if you think this is crazy (it appears to be a draft version of a speech):

Date 2014-05-07 07:34:42



a few weeks ago i drove over to cedar sinai hospital and enter4d a small rom packed with teenaerr talking on phones

when i say ttenagers i man kids cuz most of tehm wree even driving yet

but there energy and enithisam and tenson was palable

slmeof tees boys and girls ere from privled priate schools in brewnttwod and some of her were workkng class kids from around the city

wht unites them is there sense of concern aobut teenaggers in Los Angeles in our occtnrrya nd aorund the world

and their concerrn is this there is a nepidemic of teensucicd htaking place rright brore our very eeyes

aw all know the causes rape and ambuse nand humiliationa dn sexaylaidentity

the tena gers taht all in to teen lne from arouund the works are desperate and alone oan on the precipice of despare

they need somone to talk to that underrsttns what they are going throughllon the other end of hte line ae teenagers who have been trained to talk to them to wtxt with them and let them know that there is someoneo there who wants to listten to thm

someone who is thereage but alsoan guide th4m to the resources ath are out there for them to help themeslves

tht is tteenlinel and that is what my sister does. tttain these amazing kids ewho volenteer their simply simoly becsase the y car about other kids

that undertstnad that on one but nnother teenager makes a kids feel ocmfortable

it is a mind blowing thig to witness and i can barely unnderrstnnd how there kis have the strengh and fortitude nand deside to spend time giving this wahy aat tsonh a young age

and weqyally mind blowing is my sister jenny who plays an major role at teen line and devotew wherwor to tteaching these kids how t0 be there for another human bing at such a tvery dangerous moment

jenny uis an expert on teenline nand i am going gtolet her talk about it uin just a minute

but i am an expert on jennny so i am gonnna talk aboaut her becauw w in supporting teenine i actually get a chance to celebrate ny sister’’’i that

everyone needs someboy to tal to tannd i have uenny

sheis my faily and my rtherapist and my bestt friends all roleed into one spectuacular perspn

which is not to say tath she isnt a bit of an oddity but i thik that is what makes her commplere brilliant at ]what she does’’’i have always found jenny to be quitee mysterious

when we were kids i owuld follow hwe aaround trying to figure out alll her seretts...she always seeed so at peace

why was ash so onttent to spend long afternoons sitting underneath her bed reading

maybe——-perhaps whret she was reading givves it away

sheused to love these english books from the 40s called the fammos five they took place in doreset and wwas aboutt a bunch of kids and a dog who whould meett yo on h[school holidays and have wonderrfull adventurres in the rural english country side....on the totger thand her other favoirite book was a book popular in the 70s called go ask alice mostt of you are too young to know iti but ite eas a obut a very roublede 15 year ypd girls who dabbles with drugs and dies of an over dose

naybe tht is henny to a tee,,,,from an early age whe was both a cozy romantic and fun but att the some time having a giant interedt in and great compasssion for thooes who are in pain

jennuu was never a yak yak yers, shw]]] didttn need to talk abouut evertthing se was thinking and going thrroug

she still is a bit of a steel trap i actually found it quite infuriating at the tiem and lets b honest i stil do .....try and get jenny to talk about herself its freaking impossibe

she did go throufgh a wild perios though a kind of glam rock thing when she worked at f in rbeverly hills theis jobs requited long hours of make up application ,,,,becinubgaslost totallly unnecbiable woething id did not apppreciage since we shaed a bathroom

lets see what telse caan i tell you abouut yennny she is afraid of birs she shays it has something to do with their beaks and scaley talonds.....actually wiif you think bout bird beaks and’’’

jenny makes a fiercesnowangeland snt about mmiing a little fresh snowin a bowl with ccram andsuger aas a lovely desert

sheis a very dertereind person,,she came tovisitime in college.,,,she wasintroduced to alex or met him

she decided shwe was gonna marry him and that was that’’’’

jenny woreries oer her two brilliant kids izzy and chrle....jenny hello they are ffine stopyy worrying

she is very judggementtal about very odd hiangs like whey did you hand make yur party invitations of why dont youlike to hitke or how can younot love my towo pug dosg lforansa a]fauna r whatever theirr namems are

i confess as an older sistere there are things about jenny taht deeply iupset me, she is a far betterr cook tahtn i am. in fict she is quite ecvellent at it and very conceited abouut it t. but her bossiness int he kitchen does s]hanve a pot because se really do beliee that her jucie concotion or her vegan dest witll actually make you life beete

i will tell you a secret about hjennnh....that is very embarrrsing one of her favorite mvies is the weedning planner i kids ouuu no a

and dont even try to be friends wth her if yu dont agree with withnil and i is a perfect movie

jenny is the oyalest person i know

and althout she makes friends at a dzzing constantly running into tpeople who claim to be her best freinds lets face it everyone wasntt to be with with jenny ,,,,,,no friends ever gets left behind

she met joill at university synacoge preschool when she was two.....andlathough they went to different schools and collges and get married and had kids snand ove in differnet states they remaindearest friends

thats jnennny

i know its that steadfassts ffqualitu taht she hopes to instill in her teen linne trainees

tant heh is the point her lpoyalyt her strenth her ]the way wsh lights up every room she walkd into ,,,,,and although she is qyickto anger she is even quicker to forgive she 9is]]]] she had boundless capacity for ffjoy and loves jokes and laughing and cries by lifes sad oents....allof this her wart and compassion and self posession and everythig that she isa re the kinds that make her brilliant at hterr hn

Everyone needs someboy to tal to tannd i have uenny.

It was very nice of Deborah Needleman—editor of T: The New York Times Style Magazine—to help Michael Lynton’s daughter with a job:

> On Oct 8, 2014, at 11:09 AM, Deborah Needleman wrote:>

> Send her my way!! Xx> >

Sent from my iPhone

On Oct 8, 2014, at 11:05 AM, “Weisberg, Jacob” wrote:>> >>

Michael, I talked to Deborah and she’d love to help if she can. The trick might be coming up with some kind of project that wouldn’t run afoul of employment rules. And for that, it might help her to have a little more idea about what Eloise is most interested in. Or perhaps Eloise can come see her. Hoping something works out.


On 10/7/14, 12:14 PM, “Lynton, Michael” >> wrote:>

hey you available to talk a second?>>>> On Oct 7, 2014, at 9:09 AM, Weisberg, Jacob wrote:

Just as well - it was going to be busy night. See you Nov.

On 10/7/14, 11:59 AM, “Lynton, Michael” wrote: Turns out Eloise needs to see me on Wed night. teenage angst. v sorry to have to cancel, but get the sense she needs to talk. I will see you in november at the Century!

Drop your own in the comments and I’ll give you a big kiss on the cheek.

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