A month-long Princess Cruises poop cruise that saw more than 170 people fall ill with norovirus finally docked in Los Angeles Sunday. Not great news for the passengers but pretty good news for the cruise company, which announced plans to hose the boat down and ship out a new group of potential victims the same day.

According to CNN, 158 passengers and 14 crew members caught the virus, which causes vomiting and diarrhea. People reported feeling ill as early as the first week of the cruise, but the boat still completed its month-long tour around Hawaii and Tahiti.

The cruise line says passengers were treated on board, but crew members say cases were increasing over the last few days.

The Crown Princess boat, according to the cruise line, has space for more than 3,000 deathly ill passengers, with 900 balconies to vomit from and dozens of restaurants from which to eat contaminated food. The Crown Princess has been the site of a norovirus outbreak twice this year, making this the fourth outbreak since 2012.

A Princess Cruises spokesperson said Sunday the crew would work with the CDC to disinfect the boat before notifying the new set of passengers waiting to board that the Princess was just hours ago a disease-infected shit can.

[image via AP]