Vertical collage illustration of human arm black white colors catch hold drawing shopping net isolat...

Lessons From the Grocery Store Aisle

A journey into the heart of supermarkets in and around New York

Better Shop Around
Dan Vigliano
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - JULY 19: Randall Emmett attends the Los Angeles Special Screening of Lions...

Report: Randall Emmett Is An Abusive Creep With Very Bad Money Problems

Lala Kent’s former Man has been fully unmasked in the LA Times

Allie Jones

Is "Hamptons Bladder" Plaguing the Ultra-Rich?

We can only hope

Tarpley Hitt
Abstract glitch with word NFT on 100 Dollar bill. Ideas for Crypto Art in the USA, US Dollar transfo...

NFT Party Report: I Met a Spy Dressed as the Riddler

Honestly, more fun than I thought

non fungible tparty
Tarpley Hitt

Braincare Is the Latest Wellness Trap

It promises a quick fix — a sip, a supplement, a scan — to make your cerebrum good as new

Goop for the Mind
Josh Greenblatt

Sex Toy Collective Claims It Bought 'The Believer'

The magazine was discontinued last fall and put up for sale

Tarpley Hitt

Some Theories About Elon

Everyone has one, and they all deserve to be heard in the name of free speech

Tarpley Hitt

Fun Idea: Get a Mini Trampoline

You will love it for exactly three months

Allie Jones

The Counter Has Money, So Why Is It Shutting Down?

The food website announced yesterday that it would stop publishing on May 20

Tarpley Hitt

QR Code Menus Aren’t For the Customer — They’re For Restaurants’ Survival

Sorry they’re “killing the vibes” or whatever

Table Manners
Adam Reiner

CNN Plus Has Negative Subscribers (Figurative)

If you work there, drop us a line at

Tarpley Hitt

Remember When Dasha Zhukova Sat on a Black Woman 'Art' Chair

On MLK Day, no less

Zhuk ova here
Tarpley Hitt

Let Elon Musk Have His Fart Horns

This is good for traffic safety

Tarpley Hitt

Meet the Embarrassing Crypto Couple Charged With Laundering Billions in Bitcoin

One of them is a rapper of sorts

Bad Romance
Jenny G. Zhang

We Have Kyrsten Sinema's Social Security Number


Tarpley Hitt

What Is an NFT?

An explainer.

Kelly Conaboy