Brand Candles I Want to Smell

Home Depot, for example.

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Kelly Conaboy
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The Worst Ways We Wasted Our Time and Money in 2021

You won’t believe how many of these gals play video games.

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The very first Superman comic book from 1939 is displayed during Batman's cemetary visit is displaye...

I Don’t Know … Does Your Boyfriend Really Need a $2.6M Comic Book?

We just wanted to check in.

your boyfriend
Kelly Conaboy

12 Days of Gift Guides: Gifts for People with Bad Taste

They are the backbone of our society.

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George Civeris

Bruce Springsteen Has Destroyed Bob Dylan

The Boss has sold his publishing rights for many millions more than The Dylan did last year.

Kelly Conaboy

Battle of the Blocks: H&R Block Sues Block FKA Square

There’s only enough room for one block in this financial-services sphere

Jenny G. Zhang

$75k/Year College Asks for Donations Via Will-and-Testament Website

You can do it from your phone

School Spirit
Leah Finnegan

Prayer Circle for CEO “Taking Time Off” After Firing 900 Employees Over Zoom

Hustlers and kings deserve a break 😤

Rise Up
Jenny G. Zhang

Happy Birthday to This Billionaire Who Was Banned From Hoarding Any More Relics

At the age of 81, Michael Steinhardt still knows how to have fun

Pillage and Plunder
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How Much Money Do You Have: Ben Smith

It's Buzzfeed IPO Day

Tarpley Hitt

Three Pharma Execs Walk Into An Interview...

Stop me if you've heard this one before

Give It To Me Straight
Olivia Craighead

Jeffrey Epstein's Last Days: I Am Rain Man

He told one psychologist: "Being alive is fun."

Tarpley Hitt

Clubhouse Is More Exclusive Than Ever: No One's On It

They will take any member who would have them as a clubhouse

Tarpley Hitt

Bustle CEO Bryan Goldberg Bought Napoleon’s Hat

And all we got was this interview

Tarpley Hitt

Misogyny: Fearless Girl Might Be Getting Evicted

But fear not: the sculptor is making an NFT

Tarpley Hitt

A Ponzi Scheme Playbook Inspired by One Solar-Energy Fraudster

Just don’t get caught like Jeff Carpoff did

Jenny G. Zhang