A Missouri mom was arrested after a Snapchat photograph of her and her 14-year-old daughter — topless in a hot tub — were circulated around multiple area high schools.

The 50-year-old mom and her daughter posed for the photo, "covering their nipples," in an outdoor hot tub in November, according to the probable cause statement. The woman's other daughter, a 13-year-old, took the photo on her sister's phone.

It's not clear which girl sent it out over Snapchat, but at least one of the recipients took a screenshot.

The media has been withholding all names to protect the children involved. Multiple outlets reported that the woman's son, who goes to one of the high schools where the photos spread, was ridiculed by his classmates.

“The issue here is the fact the daughter was 14 and the mother was clearly present and involved when the photo was taken,” said St. Charles County Prosecutor Tim Lohmar. “It certainly appeared that the picture was posed and it certainly had some sexual overtones."

The mother has spoken out, calling the allegations ridiculous.

“I was aware the photo was taken, and I told her at that second, please delete that photo,” the mom said. “I wasn’t posing I was getting out of the tub.”

She's facing up to a year in prison for misdemeanor charges of endangering the welfare of a minor.