Capitalism has an innate ability to overtake and subsume all popular things, even those that were initially imagined to be explicitly anti-establishment. This goes for cool bands, great art, and even, as a matter of fact, illegal drugs.

MDMA has been around for a century, and at least two generations of Americans have used it widely. Today, molly has gotten so popular that it has entered the stage of intense mainstream media fascination. Along with this comes the drug's downfall. Cocaine went from inspiration for Sigmund Freud and Sherlock Holmes to asshole Wall Street party drug; now, likewise, molly is going from feel-good entryway into enhanced human empathy and understanding to... asshole Wall Street party drug.

The LA Times today rolls out its obligatory "Molly Is Everywhere in New York" story today. Where is molly, really? Molly is in a loft in Tribeca:

In this case, two financiers at the party had just completed a multimillion-dollar pact, a cause not only for celebration but for bonding of the kind that only can occur in the netherworld after 3 a.m. Later that morning, everyone drifted out to go to work.

"In today's era, everyone is popping pills," said a fashion company owner who was one of the guests but who feared using her name could put her job at risk.

Molly is not some touchy-feely enhancement of love for all mankind. It is just one more accoutrement of Mr. Finance Guy's House Party Set. Molly is not used to bring together diverse throngs of people from all socioeconomic classes in a grand gathering of one-ness; it is used to celebrate multimillion-dollar finance deals.

"People do it all the time," said Alex, a Wall Street financier who declined to publish his last name. Standing in a bar in the heart of the financial district, he said he attended a recent media and advertising conference where Molly was served up at the after-party.

Molly is with designers in Tribeca lofts. Molly is with financiers in the financial district. Molly is with advertising execs on Madison Avenue.

Molly is the Black Eyed Peas of drugs. Time to find something new, hippies.

[Pic of typical 2013 molly party via]