A billionaire Hong Kong real estate developer has doubled his "marriage bounty" for the man who successfully seduces and marries his lesbian daughter. The offer now stands at $120 million.

In 2012, Cecil Chao announced a $65 million reward after his daugher, Gigi Chao, married her longtime girlfriend. Chao said more then 20,000 suitors responded, but his daughter—who had dated her wife for seven years before marrying her—was unimpressed. However, his daughter did say that she was a "lucky girl to have such a loving daddy" after the reward was announced.

So Chao upped the reward, hoping to find a more suitable suitor.

"I only hope for her to have a good marriage and children as well as inherit my business," Cecil said, according to the Star, adding, without any apparent awareness of the irony, that he has no plans to interfere with her personal life.

[h/t Fark/via Hyper Vocal]