Delaware Governor Jack Markell accidentally tweeted a photo of a model wearing what the Daily Mail called "bondage gear" yesterday. This was embarrassing for Markell, but the model, Precious Little, was the one who was really upset—she tweeted, "I have INFINITELY superior taste in men & am offended anyone would associate me with this individual."

Markell's office claims that some lowly staffer accidentally tweeted the photo from Markell's account by deleting part of an link, which seems plausible. Markell tweeted in apology, "An inappropriate photo was inadvertantly [sic] sent out earlier. ... Wish link was to cat video."

But the "racy" photo in question, Precious Little tweeted later last night, was "a harmless selfie/candid from a photoshoot years ago." She is understandably not pleased with the way the Daily Mail and others have tried to color the situation.

America: where the innocent women dragged into politicians' "scandals" have to spend more time explaining themselves than the politicians do.