As it turns out, Frazier Glenn Miller, the former Ku Klux Klan leader who allegedly shot three people to death at two Kansas Jewish centers on Sunday, was sort of a popular guy. In fact, the mayor of Marionville, Mo., near where Miller used to live, considers the white supremacist a friend.

"He was always nice and friendly and respectful of elder people, you know, he respected his elders greatly," Dan Clevenger told KSPR, laughing. "As long as they were the same color as him. [He was] very fair and honest and never had a bit of problems out of him."

Clevenger later added that he "kind of agreed with [Miller] on somethings but I don't like to express that too much."

What kind of things do the two agree about, you ask? Clevenger elaborated to KSPR.

"There some things that are going on in this country that are destroying us. We've got a false economy and it's, some of those corporations are run by Jews because the names are there," he said. "The fact that the Federal Reserve prints up phony money and freely hands it out, I think that's completely wrong. The people that run the Federal Reserve, they're Jewish."


This is not the first time Clevenger has publicly supported Miller's anti-semitism. KSPR unearthed a letter he sent nearly ten years ago to the Aurora Advertiser, in which the mayor endorsed Miller.

"I am a friend of Frazier Miller helping to spread his warnings," wrote Clevenger. "The Jew-run medical industry has succeeded in destroying the United State's workforce."

The letter continued.

"Made a few Jews rich by killin' us off."

He also spoke of the "Jew-run government backed banking industry turned the U.S into the world's largest debtor nation."

Clevenger, who also owns a local repair shop, was just elected mayor of Marionville last Tuesday. It seems unlikely he'll hold the position for much longer.

[h/t Talking Points Memo/Image via AP]