It was almost exactly one year ago that we first introduced you to the real woman whose real name is Beautiful Existence and whose real New Year's Resolution was to eat nothing but Starbucks food for an entire year.

Well, it's almost exactly one year later, which means it's time to check in with Ms. Existence to find out how she did on her year-long challenge.

"I DID IT!" she exclaims on her blog.

Indeed, after 365 days of spending over $500 a month on pre-packaged salads, individually wrapped sandwiches, seasonal pastries, and the F Word, the 40-year-old mother-of-two PhD from Seattle can officially breathe a coffee-breathed sigh of relief.

"In the last month, in the last couple weeks, it's been really difficult. People had pizza at the office last week and I was dying," she told the New York Daily News. "I'm happy to be able to eat whatever I want (again)."

But it seems reintroducing non-Starbucks food to her diet is becoming a challenge in itself.

"My taste buds have been freaking out for the last 24 hours," said Existence, whose first post-challenge meal was a plate of fish and chips. "Starbucks doesn't really have anything that's fried, and you can only eat so much after you haven't had stuff like that for a year."

Despite spending over $4,000 more than the average adult woman spends on a year's supply of groceries — and having to subsist on Starbucks crackers for Christmas because she forgot to plan ahead — Existence is proud of her accomplishment.

"I am fearless and wanted to explore new things in my life," she said. "I love to test the water and each time I challenge myself, I learn a lot."

And she's already got the next challenge all lined up: Being an employee of Washington-based recreational equipment company REI, Existence has challenged herself to learn every recreational sport there is.

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