Snowbound in remote Michigan for 13 days, two women lived the American dream this month, surviving solely on Girl Scout Cookies and cheese puffs before being “rescued” by state police on Friday.

According to MLive, sisters Leslie Roy, 52, and Lee Marie Wright, 56, were on vacation from Nebraska and Oklahoma when their SUV became stuck in the snow and they began a second, far simpler holiday. From the Associated Press:

They had a reservation at a hotel in Mackinaw City but didn’t show up that night. Instead, they were trapped in snow on a little-used road with eight boxes of Girl Scout cookies purchased from relatives and a bag of cheese puffs, [Detective Sgt. Jeff] Marker said.

“They thought the road was plowed but it wasn’t,” he said.

There’s no cellphone service in the area. The car eventually lost power, too. Roy and Wright wore layers of clothes to stay warm as overnight temperatures fell to the 20s, and they also turned snow into water.

On Friday, their vehicle was spotted by a police helicopter and the sisters were recovered “a little weak” but in good health.

Of course, the women’s accidental vacay wasn’t all tasty snacks and trying not to freeze: they also made cool animal friends.

“They heard crunching in the woods at night,” Marker told the Associated Press. “They thought it was rescuers but no one came. Then they thought it was bears.” Fun!

[Image via Michigan State Police/WWJ-TV]