An Italian man who participated in and completed the New York City Marathon on Sunday before getting separated from his group and wandering the city for two days was found riding the subway on Tuesday morning.

Gianclaudio Marengo, 30, does not speak English, the New York Times reports, and had traveled to New York with seven other runners, recovering addicts from San Patrignano, a rehab center on the Adriatic coast.

Marengo was the slowest of his group, another Italian, Antonio Boschini said. When he crossed the finish line in Central Park, his companions were no longer there. Also, at some point lost his hotel keycard and subway map.

(The San Patrignano press office denied earlier reports that Marengo had any mental disability, telling the New York Post that he was simply “vulnerable” after years of addiction.)

(Also though, weirdly, nobody named “Gianclaudio Marengo” was registered to run the marathon: Marengo ran under Boschini’s number.)

“He could not find the way to the hotel,” Boschini told the Times. “So he remained in the park.” Eventually, his friends realized he was missing and alerted the Italian Consulate, who then alerted the police. “We went to the park but we did not find him.”

“He spent the night in the park,” Boschini said. Marengo tried to meet up with the other Italians at the airport on Monday morning, but he was rebuffed by airport security. “He stayed at the airport and waited,” Boschini said. “But they thought he looked homeless so they kicked him out.”

Marengo wandered the city until early the next morning, when Officer Man Yam looked up from reading a Daily News story about a missing marathon runner on his phone and saw the Italian.

“The good thing about 6:45 is it’s mostly construction workers [on the train], so this guy stuck out like a sore thumb,” Yam told the Post. They were on the downtown 2 train. “The first thing I notice is he has dry lips. That’s what happens when you go an extended amount of time without drinking water or if you’re underground.”

Yam showed Marengo his NYPD ID, said “Policia,” and his “eyes lit up.” They went up to the street and Yam bought him a glazed white doughnut with coffee, the Times reports, for $3.

Marengo was treated for mild dehydration at a local hospital, and he will return to Italy with Boschini soon.