This month brings the latest piece of evidence for the vast American conspiracy against men: SheRides, an Uber-style car service locator for ladies only.

The service, which launches September 16 in New York City, Long Island, and Westchester, works with a fleet of women drivers and will only be available to female passengers. Drivers are hailed with an iOS app—like Uber or Lyft—and arrive wearing "hot pink pashmina scarves," according to the New York Times.

Founder Stella Mateo, whose husband founded a prominent industry organization for cabbies, told the Times she hopes SheRides (known as SheTaxi outside NYC) will serve women who feel safer or more comfortable with a woman driver, as well as provide an opportunity for more women to enter what is currently a male-dominated industry.

The Times article, unsurprisingly, is currently enjoying front-page status on Reddit's r/MensRights forum. The boys offered some insightful criticism of the totally no-fair business model:

I approve, there is no better way of ruining your business than deliberately excluding 50% of the market.

Especially when men probably pay more taxi fares than women.

I see bankruptcy in their future, and well deserved bankruptcy.

I would never use them even if they "let me" because i had a women in my party, why go with a company that has patchy availability when you can get full coverage at the same price, its fucking retarded.


That aside, don't forget that if you want to take that line then be prepared to be excluded from receiving services because you're white, straight, Christian, and male (assuming those all apply to you. If not then it'll be something else) That's what "It's your what you want" means in the end. I'd really hate to know that I couldn't use the "good" fountain because I was white.

Dudes, in short, are doomed—relegated to a ghetto of street hails, call-in car services, and the aforementioned gender-neutral apps. How will we ever get around?

[h/t Daily Intel, image via nata-lunata/Shutterstock]