Today, The Atlantic identifies the most intriguing new food trend of 2014: "miracle fruit," the magic little berry that makes sour things taste sweet. How come nobody's mentioned this before?

2007, the Wall Street Journal: "To Make Lemons Into Lemonade, Try 'Miracle Fruit'"

2008, the New York Times: "The Miracle Fruit, a Tease for the Taste Buds"

2009, CNN: "Miracle fruit turns sour things sweet"

2011, Discover magazine: "How the miracle fruit changes sour into sweet"

2013, Yahoo News: "This Miracle Berry May Change The Way Food Tastes Forever"

2014, Business Insider: "We Were Blown Away By The 'Miracle' Berry That Makes You Want to Eat a Whole Lime"

With the average American attention span now hovering around 14 minutes, "miracle fruit" should remain a vibrant trend story topic for many years to come.

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