Minneapolis mayor Betsy Hodges says she’s requested a federal civil rights investigation into the police shooting of 24-year-old Jamar Clark, reports the Associated Press.

Clark was shot Sunday by Minneapolis police responding to the scene of a reported domestic assault. Police say Clark was interfering with paramedics who were treating the assault victim, and that he was shot in a struggle with police. Witnesses and activists say Clark was already handcuffed when he was shot.

However it happened, there is now some indication of where Clark was shot, and his current condition:

The father of a black man shot by a Minneapolis police officer says his son suffered one gunshot wound above his left eye.

James Hill told the Associated Press that he saw Jamar Clark’s wounds while standing at his bedside on Monday. Clark was put on life support after being shot by a Minneapolis police officer during a struggle shortly after midnight Sunday.

A federal civil rights investigation would not preempt the ongoing investigation by the state’s Bureau of Criminal Apprehension. Mayor Hodges, reportedly with the blessing of Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton, says she wants the city to use “all the tools we have available to us.”

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