It's a he-said-she-said story of Hamptons houses, accidental arson and a court-aided break-up, and everyone involved sounds terrible.

As contentious exes so often do, Brad Zipper, 50, and his ex-girlfriend Nicole Raef, 27, offer slightly different interpretations of what led to their court-ordered parting, which the New York Post analyzed in-depth Tuesday.

Raef, who works as a fashion consultant, told the paper her boyfriend of five years packed her up for a girls' weekend in California and then cruelly evicted her while she was away. And not just from his $6 million Manhattan townhouse, no, but also from his $1.7 million Hamptons mansion—and in the middle of the season.

Zipper, in his application for the restraining order, said it was a little more complicated than that. He alleges she once wrecked his car and lit a stove on fire before passing out, had "multiple breakdowns" on the 4th of July, and threw "thousands of dollars" worth of merchandise in his swimming pool during a fight.

Says Raef, "We'd been arguing, but we'd worked things out."

The couple did not have children, but did share a "jet set" lifestyle, of which Raef would apparently like to obtain full custody. According to reports, Raef already pawned a pair of diamond earrings to pay a lawyer, so it seems pretty serious.

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