The "millennials," a demographically desirable generation that is defined by its blind fealty to the advertising agencies most capable of portraying corporate brands as non-corporate, has declared that—above all—it wants to be seen as unique.

In response to millennials' stated desire to be unique, America's largest corporate retailers are busily redesigning their fashions to superficially appear to be somewhat less like the fashions that these same retailers have been known for selling to previous generations. It's all part of their corporate strategy to channel the human impulses of this newest cool generation into materialism, as these corporations have successfully done for so many past generations. From Reuters:

Alison LePard, a 19-year-old college sophomore from Wellesley, Massachusetts, says that when she shops for clothes and accessories, her goal is a look that is uniquely hers. So she does a lot of mixing and matching.

"I don't blindly follow what they put out," LePard said of store displays. "I don't want to wear just one brand. I don't want to be a stereotype."

Millennials will not be a stereotype; they will wear H&M and Urban Outfitters clothing at the same time. The millennial generation will not blindly accept the lies and bullshit of the corporate world; they will, through the power of their collective spirit, force the corporate world to redesign its logo, to be more appealing to their demographic.

Everything is different now.

[Photo via some corporate bullshit]