Today is a special day, because today is the day that you learn of the existence of the "2012 Sandwich Consumer Trend Report"—a real report, about trends, among consumers, regarding sandwiches. Right this moment, bits of sandwich are flying from your lips as you exclaim aloud: "What are these 2012 sandwich consumer trends??"

Ad Age magazine, thank god, got to the bottom of this consultant's sandwich report, by reading it. The shocking findings: fully half of the sandwiches consumed in America are now purchased at restaurants or other sandwich preparation-and-sale facilities, rather than made at home by American sandwich consumers. Americans, it seems, have lost the ability to make their own sandwiches. Who is to blame?

Millennials are propelling the category's growth as they seek fast, fresh and convenient meal options.

Get a job (making sandwiches), hippies.

[Ad Age. Photo: Trishhh/ Flickr]