Photo: Flickr

Though your modern media is faced with the demands of covering wars, terrorism, a presidential election, and Pokemon, please trust that we, the hardworking American journalists, will never fail to inform you about the latest trends in hot teen bra usage—or lack thereof.

That is correct, gentle reader—news comes today that female members of the “Millennial” generation, the despicable layabouts best known for being young and attractive, are sometimes choosing not to enclose their breasts in bras. USA Today, the newspaper of angels and millennials, reports that “Buying a first bra has long been considered a rite of passage for young women. These days, however, it’s the ditching of the undergarment (or wearing wire-free versions) that’s empowering female Millennials.” Several discrete data points are offered in support of this assertion, including references to widely viewed Youtube videos from millennial women discussing their choice to go bra-less.

By being a diligent consumer of the modern media, you have the opportunity to learn that many people will tune in to watch Hot Sexxxy Teens talk bras. Should Hot Sexxxy Teens choose to one day publicly discuss their choices about other forms of underwear, you may rest assured that the media will not let that story slip past our ever-vigilant eyes either.

We, the media, hope that you, the average American who professes to dislike the Millennial generation but also very much enjoys Hot Sexxxy Teens, feel that you are now better informed about the decisions that young women today are making regarding bras. Are they wearing them? Or not? Have no doubt that reporters will stay closely attuned to this trend as it shifts in unpredictable and interesting ways.

In other news, millennials like quinoa. Boring.