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Millennials. Sex. What do you think?

Some millennials aren’t having much sex at all. Can you believe it? Yes? Or no? Do you like millennials? Or no? Do you like sex? Or no?


Millennials—young people. Sex—hot, hot sex. Imagine them together. Now, imagine them not together.

Look at how the words are positioned so closely in the headline. “Millennials.” “Sex.” Feel your visceral reaction to each word in turn.

Feel that? Yeah.

Millennials. Millennials. Millennials.

Sex. Sex. Sex.

Fucking millennials.

Fucking. Millennials.

They’ve gone to all the trouble of producing a news story with both “sex” and “millennials” as the main topics. This certainly wouldn’t be the case if they didn’t want to hear what you think. By all means—declaim.