Miley Cyrus has been in mourning for her dog, Floyd, ever since he passed away back in April. She's built shrines to him, she's gotten Floyd tattoos with her fans, and now her ultimate tribute has nearly been realized. It's a light-up bong the size of a sixth grader, just like Floyd undoubtedly would have wanted.

"Five foot bong almost complete this one is a collab with my fucking beyond kiewl fanz," Miley announced on Instagram.

Highlights of the gaudily decorated bong include "Floyd Weed Bangerz" written out in beads, some plastic dinosaurs, and the word "twerk" casually appropriated near the bottom. And flashing lights in multiple locations, natch.

The piece is too enormous to capture in one square frame, so Miley had to take a video to encompass it in a single Instagram post. No doubt it will be used for several solemn-yet-bangin' ceremonial bong #hitz dedicated to Floyd's memory, because you can't spell R.I.P. without "rip."

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