A long time ago, Bonnie Fuller was the editor of real (if vapid) celebrity rags like Star and Us Weekly. But now she's just the editor of a very pink website called HollywoodLife.com, and the author of bizarre celebrity conspiracy theory columns. And a simpleton pundit for the most gullible elements of the advertising industry!

Bonnie Fuller has been writing columns for Ad Age for years, despite the fact that she combines the stilted writing style of a mediocre high school English Composition student with the media and advertising insight of a mediocre high school English Composition student. Perhaps these are the qualities that allow her to channel the secret habits of the Millennial generation with such perspicacity?

Among other things, baby-boomer marketers need to accept the fact that millennials have not inherited their parents' love for the "touch" of paper.

Print is less popular than in the past? You don't say!

"Young people today are obsessed with their phones and mobile devices," says BuzzFeed CEO Jonah Peretti.

Kids these days use cell phones? Someone write this down!

But how can I, a middle-aged Chief Marketing Officer with tons of corporate advertising money to spend, reach these elusive Millennials?

I've been in numerous meetings with baby boomers who admit they feel overwhelmed by all their new media options. Many don't understand the difference between small, personal blogs; aggregator sites that have little engagement with visitors; and original-content sites like BuzzFeed, Thrillist, YourTango, JustJared, Jezebel and HelloGiggles.

Or like, I dunno, for example, HollywoodLife.com. "Selena Gomez Flashes Hot Pink Bra— Trying To Be Sexy For Justin Bieber?" That's what you kids are into, right? Who can I make the check out to? F-U-L-L-E-R?

[Ad Age. Photo: Getty]