Microsoft has pulled a series of ads making fun of the new iPhone for being sucky and not-at-all-funny.

The series, "A Fly on the Wall in Cupertino," is supposed to depict Apple Employees mocking the products during a meeting with a Steve Jobs-esque figure. Microsoft published the series online yesterday, but pulled them after only a few hours.

Here are some of most groan-worthy lines:

Sorry we're late, my iWatch had to go back to R & D.

Did we have to make the new iPhones out of plastic to save money? Yeah bro.

Because think about it, everybody loves gold. Pirates. Leprechauns. This dude. (Points to picture of shirtless man on a beach.)

“The video was intended to be a light-hearted poke at our friends from Cupertino. But it was off the mark, and we’ve decided to pull it down,” Microsoft representatives said in a statement.