Actor and faded tough guy Mickey Rourke, age 62, fought in and won a professional boxing match last Saturday night. His opponent: a "homeless drifter" who clearly took a dive.

Above is the video of the fight. In the first round, Rourke walks around slowly, barely punching at all, as his opponent pokes weakly in his general direction. In the second round, Rourke grazes his opponent's side with a body shot, and his opponent goes down to a knee. The Russian announcers can be heard laughing at this "knock down." The opponent gets up; Rourke slaps at him a couple more times with body shots that do not even appear to land, but the opponent goes down again, and stays down, and the announcers laugh again.

If you are curious about what a man losing a boxing match on purpose looks like, this is it. Mickey Rourke is a champion!

And then, right on cue, the Daily Mail reports that Rourke's opponent, Elliot Seymour (age: 29; professional record: 1-10) is a "homeless drifter" who trains at Rourke's gym, and who was paid to lose. I do not know whether or not Elliot Seymour was paid to lose. But based on the fight itself, it is fairly clear that he lost on purpose.

Mickey Rourke is a true champion. I hope Elliot Seymour made enough money to get himself a place to live.