Twitter personality Michael Wolff's girlfriend Victoria Floethe, a person from 2009, is pregnant, Page Six reports. Wolfe is 61; Floethe is 34. Congratulations to them both! Babies are wonderful.

Unfortunately for the happy couple, Wolff is still married to his wife, lawyer Alison Anthoine, with whom he has three children. Wolff filed for divorce last year after five years of separation; Page Six reports that Anthoine has been less than accommodating of Wolff's request.

After her relationship with the married Wolff was exposed, Floethe—a writer for Wolff's information curation site Newser—wrote an essay for the Spectator casting herself as the victim of a moralizing New York gossip media and puritan Internet websites. Would she leave the city? Or would the free spirit flourish, despite (or perhaps even as a result of!) the haters?

"It's hard to quell the itch that got me here in the first place," she wrote. "I think I'll stay and thumb my nose at the finger-wagging metropolis—hat pulled low."

All's well that ends with a baby.

[Photo credit: Financial Times/Flickr]