Is the buff guy who posted this nude photo on Grindr actually NFL prospect—and likely first openly gay NFL player—Michael Sam?

Speculation is running wild, but after the photos leaked online, Sam's agent told TMZ they didn't belong to his client. "The picture is not Mike," Cameron Weiss said, "It could be anyone. There's no face."

Weiss added that Sam is still focused on the draft and will be ready for his Pro Day, implying the prospect is too busy for Grindr hookups at the moment.

But is this really a shot of Mike Sam's penis? Let's consider the evidence.

Pro: The bracelet and the door in the nude photo look somewhat like the bracelet and door in a previous Sam selfie. The dick pic was also apparently posted to the same Grindr profile as a photo that shows Sam's face.

Con: Anyone could own a generic bracelet and a generic bathroom door. Do they even match? There's also an iPad covering the naked guy's face—he could be anybody. Oh, yeah, and Sam's agent denied it.

Whatever the truth, between this alleged Grindr pic and last week's Bonergate at the NFL Scouting Combine, it's safe to say that Sam is currently the owner of the most talked-about penis in football.

[H/T TMZ, Photo Credit: Popwrapped]