One of the men accusing X-Men director Bryan Singer of sex abuse voluntarily dropped his lawsuit today, apparently because he couldn't find another lawyer to take on the case after his original lawyer quit.

The AP reports that Michael Egan, a former child model, was left unrepresented when his relationship with attorney Jeff Herman "deteriorated" this summer.

According to the Wrap, Herman filed a motion to withdraw from the Singer case in May. Singer's lawyers told the AP that before withdrawing, Herman indicated they would be willing to settle for an unspecified "low amount," thus "demonstrating a lack of confidence in their chances for success."

A judge permitted Egan to drop the Singer suit Wednesday, citing his inability to secure representation. The case was dismissed without prejudice, however, meaning Egan still has the option of refiling in the future.

Egan dropped a similar lawsuit against a former Disney executive in June. No reason was given, but the Los Angeles Times speculated at the time it was because Herman believed Egan was lying about the abuse.